This post is not really related to the outdoors but it's cool and you should check it out. I was stumped as to what to give my Mother for Christmas this year. She doesn't have many hobbies except for Genealogy,  which is almost impossible to give a present in. Still, I found a way. In the early 1600's our ancestor Jesse DeForest, seeking religious freedom, led an expedition to Brazil looking for a site to place a colony. His journal has actually survived and is now part of the British library. 

To actually get a present out of it, I took the journal one step further  I took the various journal entries and put them onto Google maps so now it is possible to see where they were (approximately) for each entry. It's a neat tale of  adventure, exploration, and even a little piracy, so go take a look at my second website.

Journal of Jesse DeForest-

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