My first job for the National Park Service was at Great Basin National Park. One of the things that they gave me when I first got there was a lime green government notebook. They told me that I could do whatever I wanted with the book. What I wanted was a sense of humor, so from that day forward it has been used to capture interesting quotes from park visitors. The first batch of sayings from the green book is all quotes about Great Basin NP’s wonderful cave Lehman Caves. This particular collection focuses on the youngest visitors, because as the age goes down the chances for them saying something funny go up.

Ranger: “What does this formation look like?”
Boy: “ A long, dark, orange tunnel we can’t go down.”

Ranger: “It’s made out of the mineral calcite.”
5 year old boy: “So it’s a germ?”

Ranger: “What does this look like to you?”
Boy: “A cave.”

Ranger: “The early visitors wrote here with pencil.”
Boy: “ They wrote with pretzels?”

Boy: “I know what this room’s called.”
Ranger: “What’s it called?”
Boy: “It’s called something room!”

Ranger: “People had a habit of telling tall tales back then…”
Boy: “People had tails?!”

12/11/2012 07:17:14 pm

The parachute shield was the only formation I asked what people thought it looked like. Any other time the adults would snicker and make suggestive comments about the stalagmites.

12/12/2012 05:44:53 am

Yeah I had a few of those too. I have so many more cave quotes. I guess because people aren't used to it they made so many weird comments.

4/26/2016 09:06:16 pm

When you're young, you typically experience a high-energy, totally-psyched type of happiness. Everything is new and exciting.


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